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"Hey Pe2irce heads up!" I turned around and caught the shoe that was thrown at me. I saw one of the preppy girl's from my school run at me yelling about the yellow strapped wedge I held in my hand. I grinned at her and held the shoe above my head enjoying watching her jump up and down for it.

"Pe2irce give it back!" I shook my head and tried to scope out the slicked back silver hair of my friend Hyde,

"Hey Hyde!" he didn't hear me so I yelled again, "Hey Hyde!" he still didn't hear me, frustrated I scowled and stuck my tongue out at him.

"Pe2irce over here!" I looked to see Dani waving his arms around, I jumped up and threw the shoe at him at hard as I could. The girl punched my shoulder and ran after Dani, I laughed,

"Go Dani go!" Dani ran around the girl and would dangle the shoe to taunt her. I smirked at Dani and the girl's running forms and looked back at where Dani was previously standing. I cocked my brow; there was a girl in a strapless white sundress with navy blue flowers on it sitting on an ocean bleached piece of drift wood. She laughed at the girl next to her and tucked a piece of her curly dark blond hair behind her ear. I nudged the guy next to me,

"Hey who's that girl over there?" I pointed the girl I was looking at earlier. He laughed,

"Her? Don't even try man that's Dani's little sister." I cocked my brow at him; I didn't know Dani had a little sister. This should be interesting,

"What's her name?" he shook his head,

"Luna, but don't go near her or Dani will attack you." He laughed, so Dani's a protective older brother, even more interesting. I smirked and walked over to her and sat down next to her,

"Hey I'm Pe2irce." Her friend scoffed and rolled her eyes and Luna blushed.

"Hi, my name's-" I cut her off,

"Luna, Dani's little sister I know." I smiled at her and she nodded.

"So what are you doing here at a bonfire without a swimsuit?" She smiled,

"I am wearing a swimsuit, it's just strapless." I grinned and brushed her hair behind her shoulder, she blushed at my touch.

"So where's your boyfriend, that's not very gentlemanly; leaving one such as you alone." Her friend was about to object but Luna silenced her.

"Actually I don't have a boyfriend; I'm just here with Dani." Luna jerked her thumb over to Dani who was kissing the girl from earlier that we were playing keep away with her shoe.

"Hes a good influence on you huh?" she giggled and shook her head,

"If he was I would have a boyfriend right now." She sighed and looked dreamily into the fire.

"How about a swim?"


"Too late." I scooped her up in my arms and she shrieked,

"Pe2irce no don't!" she kicked her legs,

"The more you struggle the tighter I'm gonna hold you." She stopped wriggling.

"That's better" she crossed her arms and humphed, I chuckled and we reached the edge of the beach quite a ways away from the group.

"So you ready to swim?" Luna looked at me with big eyes

"No don't!" I pretended to throw her and she latched onto my neck and whined,

"No!" I laughed and she glared at me,

"Its not funny Pe2irce don't throw me in."

"And what do I get out of it if I don't throw you in?" She huffed,

"The satisfactory of being kind and me not hating you forever." I grinned,

"I'll take my chances" I swayed backwards and thrust her foreword into the shallow water. She screamed and flailed her limbs, when she resurfaced and ran out of the water with her arms wrapped around herself, her white and blue sundress allowing me to see her tropical red, orange, and yellow bikini underneath. She shivered,

"Pe2irce you jerk!" I laughed and held my hands up defensively,

"Hey, you looked pretty hot at the bonfire; I thought you needed to cool down."

"Oh Pe2irce how thoughtful of you." She said sarcastically, I cracked a lop-sided grin and breathed a laugh from between my teeth.

"In fact you are so thoughtful and sweet you deserve a hug." My laughter stopped,

"No that's okay Luna I'm really not so kind you don't have to reward me with a hug, a kiss maybe but not a hug." Luna grinned,

"But you just look so lonely and dry" she started walking towards me with her arms out, I backed up

"No, no I'm good no hugs for me today." She launched herself at me before I could get away and squeezed me tight. She backed up and there was a giant wet mark from her all down the front of my shirt. I laughed and pointed,

"Heehee boob mark" she slapped my shoulder,

"Ha-ha now you're all wet like me," I smirked and shrugged.

"No big deal" I pulled off my shirt and she blushed and looked away,

"Oh come on Luna, its just a bare chest, you shouldn't be so surprised."

"Shut up…" I laughed and she shivered again.

"Are you really so cold? I'm not cold at all." I boasted,

"Well boys are warm, all of them. It's a fact of life." I crossed my arms,

"Now how do you know that I'm warm?" she rolled her eyes,

"Cause I just hugged you, and now I'm cold…cause I'm not." I smiled at her and pulled her close and wrapped my arms around her waist,

"Are you warm now?" she nodded shyly and looked away.

"So if all boys are warm and no girl can be as cute as you, what are all girls?" she shrugged,


"Your not"


"You're not fake either" she grumbled,

"What about pretty? Shy? Adorable? Fun? Soft- lipped?" she shook her head,

"Not all girls are those things" I placed my chin on her shoulder,

"But you are." She blushed lightly,

"How do you know I have soft lips?" I smirked and leaned my forehead against hers with our noses touching,

"A wild guess," I softly enclosed the space between us in a kiss.

"Do you have dreams Pe2irce?"

"Yes I do."

"Are they good dreams?"


"Do you sleep easily?"

"Depends on where I am, why?"

"Because I believe that you know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams." I looked down at her and smiled,

"That it is."
Luna and Pe2irce at a bonfire that quote is by Dr. Seuss this is another story I recovered from Quizilla
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