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Luna looked outside for the umpteenth time, worried. Pe2irce said that he would be here at five, which was an hour ago! Luna glanced nervously at her apartment and started straightening the pillows on the furniture and the pictures on the walls of Luna and her family. She had already baked cupcakes, cleaned her room and straightened every bit of furniture in sight. The wind outside howled and lightning struck; Luna jumped and looked out the window at the pouring rain and hail. She whined and placed a fisted hand on her chest,

"Oh Pe2irce, where are you?" she mumbled and sighed plopping down on her couch. I quiet knock on the door made Luna jump, she gasped and grinned widely,

"Pe2irce!" she advanced at the door and screeched to a halt, exhaled and closed her eyes. Now that she was calm she opened the door and smiled at Pe2irce. Luna then gasped,

"Pe2irce your soaking wet! Get in, get in!" Luna pushed him out of the hallway and into her apartment and over to the kitchen. Pe2irce chuckled lightly,

"Luna, it's alright I'm not that wet" Luna stared at him blankly,

"Pe2irce, your shoes are making squishing noised when you walk." Pe2irce looked down at his shoes and made a disgusted face.

"I suppose your right"

"Wait here I'll go get you some dry clothes and a towel!" Luna then ran off and turned a corner into her bedroom. Pe2irce shook his head and laughed, something shuffled in his pocket grabbing Pe2irce's attention,

"Oh, right" he grumbled and reached into his oversized jacket pocket and pulled out a soaking wet white persian…or bermin kitten with a grey face, ears, tail and mittens and big, round blue eyes. It mewled at him and he set it down on the counter, letting go of the scruff of its neck. The little kitten shook itself widely just about falling off of the counter top. Pe2irce breathed a laugh and petted the kitten on the top of the head with his pointer finger. The kitten purred and rubbed up against Pe2irce's hand,

"Pe2irce, do you think you could fit in some of Dani's clothes?" Pe2irce groaned and curled his upper lip,

"I suppose, if I must." He heard Luna's soft footsteps approaching him as well as her giggle. Pe2irce stared at the kitten and smiled at the thought of Luna fumbling around her room to find him clothes, even if they were Dani's. He took a double take at the kitten and quickly set it on the counter behind him and moved his stool to block the damp little creature. Luna popped her head in the kitchen holding a bundle of clothes and a couple of towels. She set the clothes on the counter and handed Pe2irce the towel, a shirt slipped and fell onto the floor. Luna bent to pick it up and Pe2irce took of his jacket and set it behind him on the empty counter. Pe2irce looked back, where was the wretched cat!? Pe2irce whipped his head to his right to find the kitten near the stove where a fresh batch of cupcakes sat on a decorative platter. The little kitten had a paw on the side of a cake and his face in the same one, Pe2irce grabbed the kitten and shoved it in his jacket pocket with a chunk of the cupcake and set his jacket on the counter. Luna walked over next to Pe2irce,

"What happened to this cupcake?" Luna looked at the little imprint of kitten in the creamy icing; Pe2irce grabbed the cake and shoved it into his mouth.

"Oh, I guess you were hungry then" Luna giggled and smiled brightly while Pe2irce just nodded while trying to swallow without chocking. Luna opened her arms and was about to hug him when she remembered how soaked he was then stopped,

"Eeehh maybe I'll do that when you're dry." Luna laughed nervously and Pe2irce grunted pulling off his shirt and reaching for a towel. Luna blushed and Pe2irce just grinned while he dried his hair. Pe2irce set the towel down and started unbuttoning his pants,

"Um I think I'll just take these clothes and wash them for you Pe2irce so I'll just be leaving." Luna turned around and groped around on the counter for Pe2irce's shirt and jacket. Pe2irce chuckled and dried himself off, he saw out of the corner of his eye Luna's hand reach for Pe2irce's jacket where a little fluffy head poked out the pocket. Pe2irce reached out and grabbed Luna's wrist,

"Uhm, you don't need to wash the jacket it can just air dry while I'm here." Luna hesitated,

"O-okay then." She then swiftly left the room with a hand blocking her peripheral vision. Pe2irce exhaled in relief and stared at the kitten with icing on its face which was now walking around on the counter. It sneezed and hit its head on the granite; Pe2irce laughed and picked up the kitten placing it in the other towel Luna had brought and wiped off its face. Pe2irce reluctantly pulled on Dani's jeans and buttoned up the white long-sleeved polo grumbling how it reeked of 'overpriced cologne'. He turned to the kitten and wrapped it up in the towel, then proceeded to rub violently against it in an attempt to get it dry.

"Pe2irce what are you doing?" Pe2irce jumped and jerked his body around to face Luna who was trying to look behind him.

"Uhhhhhh, aaaahhhh, um nothing, nothing at all why do you ask ehehehe." He laughed nervously getting in her line of sight. She persistently tried to maneuver around him and he kept getting in front of her. She let out an aggravated whine and kept stepping closer while trying to look around him; Pe2irce reached out and yanked her to him, smiling down at her. He bent over and picked her up like his bride and swung around in circles while getting closer to the couch, Luna giggled,

"Pe2irce, what are you doing, stop it put me down" She grinned and playfully hit his chest,

"As you wish" Pe2irce stopped spinning and dropped her on the couch. Luna 'oofed' and smiled up at him,

"That's not exactly what I meant" she laughed and Pe2irce disappeared into the kitchen, Luna stood to follow but stopped because of the many unrecognizable noises of protest coming from Pe2irce. Luna slowly sat back down on the couch and Pe2irce came in with something behind his back,

"What are you hiding Pe2irce?" Luna tried to look behind him,

"Well if you can't be patient maybe I wont let you know" he stuck his nose up and the kitten meowed from behind him, Pe2irce's face dropped and he glared behind him. Luna gasped and stood up and practically bounced over to Pe2irce who put the cat out in front of him to show to her.

"Aw Pe2irce he's so cute!" she squealed and crouched down to make baby noises at it. Pe2irce rolled his eyes,

"I found it on the street on my way here, it's kind of wet." Luna grinned from ear to ear and lightly placed the kitten on the couch and threw her arms around his neck,

"Oh Pe2irce, thank you" she mumbled into the crook of his neck.

"Now who ever said I was giving it to you?" Pe2irce teased, Luna growled softly and crossed her arms,

"Well who ever said I was going to kiss you just then, not me." Luna smirked and Pe2irce gave her a dry look.

"Fine, I suppose you can keep the kitten" Pe2irce sarcastically said, like it was a huge sacrifice. Luna cheered and quickly kissed Pe2irce's lips, Pe2irce smiled at her,

"So what are you going to name it?" Luna furrowed her brows and placed her pointer finger on her cheek.

"Weeeelllll, I think, Tucker!" the kitten mewed and sneezed again hitting its head on the couch cushion, Luna awed.
Pe2irce got Luna a kitten, another recovered story :D
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