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She brushed her hands over the rough spines of her favorite hardback books. She plucked one out and opened it, flipped a couple of pages and read a few. The lights flickered and the thunder growled, she and the other few people that populated the library looked up at the ceiling. A young man looked at the girl through a bookcase, she turned around and he ducked down. She smiled, laughed lightly while slowly walking over to the bookshelf. She closed the book in her hand and crouched down so she was face to face with the boy.

"Well if it isn't Pe2irce X Gunner, the bad boy of Halcyon High. Now what are you doing here? Spying on me?" Pe2irce grunted,

"Please, why would I, Pe2irce X Gunner, spend the non school half of my Friday in an old run down library spying on Luna Love Elleron, the daydreamer of Halcyon High?" Luna glared at him and huffed then stood back up and shoved the book back in its place on the rickety shelf and walked away. Pe2irce smirked and breathed out a smug laugh. Luna stopped at one of the polished, square wooden tables and opened her bag, she reached in and pulled out her favorite mint gum and popped a piece into her mouth, enjoying the strong taste. Luna snuck around the library trying to find a certain spying boy with a case of denial. She turned the corner into the science fiction section and noticed a certain boy with straight black hair pocking out of a grey beanie and covering his forehead but not quite his pale mint green eyes, a dark green button up shirt and dark blue jeans with worn out tennis shoes . He held in his hand a dragon book that Luna couldn't quite see the title to and stood with his other hand in his pocket leaning against the bookshelf behind him with his weight shifted on his right leg. Luna sneaked in front of him and he looked up at her and cocked his eyebrow, she giggled and pulled his beanie in front of his eyes a whispered,

"Catch me" a waft of mint made its way to Pe2irces nose who breathed in the scent eagerly. Luna jogged away and Pe2irce ran after her, she giggled and turned to blow the minty goodness in Pe2irce's direction. He stopped and sniffed then started after her again. Luna turned a corner and Pe2irce whipped his head around wildly, she blew in his direction through the shelf and Pe2irce turned around and rammed right into it and fell down. Luna gasped and ran around to the other side to check on him, but he wasn't laying there. She furrowed her brows and tilted her head in utter confusion, placing a finger on her lip she pivoted on the heel of her boot and shifted her weight on her left leg.

"Gottcha" Luna jumped and swung around, holding her cheek where Pe2irce had kissed it to find him with his beanie still pulled over his eyes, smirking. Luna giggled and punched his shoulder,

"Oooowwww, you know you could be nicer to me after you made me run into a shelf." Luna laughed and laid her arms around his neck, he gladly accepted and wrapped his arms around her waist; he tilted his head and leaned in to kiss her when Luna whispered,

"I don't think so" and stepped away leaving Pe2irce standing there to yank off his beanie in disbelief.
An old story I recovered from my old Quizilla account! I didn't loose ALL my stories on my old computer after all! This story was based off a mint gum commercial I saw :3
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January 15, 2011
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