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Tch, observe my surroundings more, pay attention to detail and maybe you can become a better artist bleh bleh bleh. I smacked my hand over the small button and pushed it down. The little cars and sunflower yellow school buses seemed to fly through the streets as angry drivers honked their horns and would flip each other off behind the safety of their darkly tinted windshields. I scuffed my shoe on the cracked concrete and fished out a small pebble from one of the gashes. I glared down at the pebble and kicked it at the flying cars hoping to damage one of their wings. No such luck for me, instead the pebble rolled over to the bottom of an old Victorian stairwell. I followed the stairs up to a small pair of feet in shiny black dress shoes with a small strap across the top of the feet and golden buckles. Two pale peach legs shot out of the shoes and bent at the knees where a spiral sketch pad was balanced on the small lap of a little girl. She had her head tilted slightly and one hand clutched the spirals while the other held onto a pencil, creating small strokes. Her light blond hair glowed in the sun with passing clouds and every ray of sunlight tumbled down from the top of her head and curled to the bottom of her shoulders. The light changed and I jogged across the white faded lines of the street to the bottom of the stairwell to the old school. I looked up at the girl and leaned foreword stepping up once, twice, three times until I was next to her. I sat down and looked over at the sketch; she hugged the book to her chest and turned away from me. I reached out and plucked it from her little hands, she gasped and stood up putting her fists on her hips and scrunching up her nose,

"Give that back!" I looked at her over the doodle,

"I don't think I will." She huffed and reached for it, I lifted it above her head just exceeding the length her arms could stretch.


I sighed and leaned against the beat up old light pole pushing the small button in a couple times just to annoy the random people around me. I impatiently scuffed my shoe on the cracked concrete and kicked around the loose gravel searching for larger pebbles to kick at the on going cars. Too bad I kicked it too hard and it flew over to the bottom of an old stairwell. I stepped foreword to retrieve my pebble on the other side of the street and a truck driver honked at me and leaned out of his window,

"Hey jackass watch where you're going!"

"Why don't you asshole!" I scoffed and jogged across the street as soon as the light changed to the bottom of the stairwell. I bent over to pick up the small fragment of rock and stopped when I saw a pair of loose black boots with the toes pointing together, showing shyness. Perhaps a cute girl I could bother. I followed the boots and up a pair of pale peach, smooth looking legs bent at the knee allowing me to see a tiny trace of light green panties under a flowing plum colored skirt. A medium sized spiral sketch book was being balanced on her lap, one hand clutched the spirals and the other was gently holding a pencil delicately making strokes on the page every once in a while smudging it with her pointer finger making her dark blond curls bounce. I placed a foot on once step, and up another, and another until I sat next to her. I leaned over and looked at what she was sketching; she hugged the book to her chest and shifted away from me. I lightly snatched the book from her hands, she gasped and turned towards me and reached out for the book. I stood up and held it above her head just out of her reach.

"H-hey, give that back!" she demanded softly, I looked down at her flushed face,

"I don't think I will."


"What is this supposed to be anyways? A Cat?" I turned the sketch book sideways and upside down and in every other direction I could think of. The little girls face flushed and she ripped her book from my grasp,

"It's a ballerina!" she huffed, I spewed out in laughter.

"Then why does she have ears?"

"That's her bow!"

"Then what's the big round body for?"

"That's her tutu!"

"and the giant peanuts and the bottom?"

"Her feet!" my laughter did not cease instead it grew louder. She hit me with the book in my stomach I heaved over but kept laughing.

"You're a big meanie!" the little girl blushed and started to walk away, I reached out to her,

"Ok….ok…wait…I…m..sorry..I'm…soh...hory." I gasped out between fits of laughter. She stopped and swirled around to face me, her frilly pink dress followed her movements. I stood up and walked over to her,

"Its not that bad I guess, it's certainly the most interesting ballerina I've ever seen." I grinned sheepishly and she beamed up at me.

"Do you really think so!?" I grinned and got down on my knee and took her hand,

"Of course I do my little princess" I lightly kissed her hand and watched her face flush.


"So what are you drawing anyways?" I looked down at the sketch, well I would have if it wasn't so rudely ripped from my fingertips and used to hit me in the shoulder.

"Hey hey why so violent huh? I was just curious" she bent over to pick up her bag and I couldn't help but stare at her small frame.

"Well I don't think it was any of your business." She mumbled as she stuffed her book into her dark brown messenger bag. I stepped in front of her and she just stepped around me and started walking, so naturally I went after her.

"Feisty aren't you, I just want to know what you were drawing it was good…well what I got to see of it before you stole it back."

"And like I said I don't thinks it's any of your business." Her pace quickened and I reached out to lightly grasp her arm.

"Hey, please I just really want to see it." She stared at me, with her round sky blue eyes partly covered by choppy bangs and dark eyelashes fluttering with every blink. Her hands shifted down to her bag and the unclipped the golden buckle and fished out the tattered sketch book that seemed to start so much. She flipped it open and turned the picture to face me. I saw a lovely picture of a graceful ballerina balancing on her toes and bending slightly, shaded quite darkly might I add. I was picking apart the picture, unraveling it at the hems observing every inch all the while the girl was fidgeting uncomfortably and staring at me expectantly.

"It's pretty good." I held it out for her and she took it gratefully,

"The details could use work and the shading is alright I guess." Her face flushed,

"Well you wanted to see it and you did don't blame me for it not being perfect." She sounded slightly hurt,

"I didn't finish" she looked up at me slowly,

"The figure is graceful and beautiful and she looks innocent and overflows with purity." I tucked a stray hair behind her ear and lightly grasped her hands. She looked up at me searching my face for signs,

"However, her pointed feet look like peanuts." I grinned at her and she crossed her arms and scrunched up her nose, like a little girl sitting outside of a school did. She shoved the book back into her bag and stormed off; I reached out for her again and grasped her arm which she shrugged off so I grabbed her by the waist instead. She instantly blushed and I instantly smirked and cocked an eyebrow.

"Oho, is little miss artist not used to this?" I whispered in her ear and wrapped my arms tighter around her waist. I saw her blush more out of the corner of my eye and snickered. She played with the hem of her dark forest green t shirt.

"You know you're actually kind of cute."

"Uhm…do you…really think so?" I breathed a laugh and loosened my grip on her. With one stride I was in front of her and snaked my arms around her thin waist again and pulled her close. I placed a hand on her soft face and lifted it up; I lightly placed my lips onto hers in a tender kiss.

"Of course I do, my little princess."
Luna and Pe2irce, they both went to an art school and Pe2irce remembers a time when he met this little girl he called little was little Luna...duh
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